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PIP (Project in Progress)

This weeks project in progress is my Woodland Blanket.


The Woodland Blanket was started as a CAL on the Attic 24 blog and the colours and style of it just captured my attention. Originally I was late in joining in but worked along to my own pace anyway. Then life happened as it so often has a way of happening and work on the blanket stopped.

I’ve completed the first section and the second section begins with the tomato colour. Originally I purchased the kit for this blanket from Wool Warehouse so I didn’t need to worry about having the exact colours in my stash of Sytlecraft DK which is the yarn that comes in the kit and happens to be they yarn I like for most of my crochet blankets. I like its softness and yet I love that I can throw the blankets in the machine when I need to and the blankets don’t get destroyed. I am working the colour rows to the suggestions on the Attic 24 blog. I’m making the blanket to the 4ftx6ft size and I’m using my 4mm Addi crochet hook which are my favourite hooks to use.

I’m ready to begin work again on this blanket and have it ready for snuggling in and under this winter.


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PIP (Project in Progress)

With my ever growing interest in sewing, I wanted to try my hand at some quilting. Knowing nothing about the how to and mechanics of it, I naturally turned to some books to learn something about quilts and making them. A browse through Amazon and a Quilt-As-You-Go series caught my attention. I liked the idea of a large quilt being broken down to more manageable pieces. This seemed like something I could do while learning about quilting and yet not feeling overwhelmed by the whole process. I ordered both books, Quilt-As-You-Go Made Modern and Quilt-As-You-Go Made Vintage.

I browsed through the books and the options for quilts and chose the High Tea Sampler Quilt in the Quilt-As-You-Go Made Vintage book. This sampler quilt uses 48 out of the 51 blocks shown in the book and it is a reversible quilt all of which were things that appealed to me to learn.


I’ve bought a selection of fabrics both for the squares and as background and binding, I’ve gotten the batting ready and I’ve cut out the pieces for the first square on the front. The squares on the back will just be plain squares. I’ve now just got to make up the square and proceed with quilting it where it will be joined with the others as I go.

I have one question with regards to quilting and I’ve not learned or come across the answer yet. I know I need my walking foot for the quilting of the squares as this is the part with the layers of fabric and I will need it fed through evenly top and bottom. But my question is, do I need the walking foot to piece the initial squares together? Or is my regular foot sufficient?

If anybody knows the answer, I’d love to hear otherwise I will keep looking and once I have the answer, get started with this project, which for the moment has not time frame for completion.


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PIPs (Projects in Progress)

Projects in Progress is later this week than I intended but it’s a post you can see appearing earlier in the week. These projects are not just projects I’m working on but they have brought me joy. Included are, a Fintry cardigan, socks, a summer skirt and some Margot pyjamas.


The Fintry cardigan is a design by Kate Davies and featured in her Yokes book. For my Fintry I’m using some Rauma 3tr Strikkegarn in the colour 147 which is a dark navy blue. My gauge was off on the stated 3.25mm needles so I went down to a 3mm needle and was nearer but still off. The fabric on the 3mm is dense and lovely so I decided to work with my gauge and the pattern to get a cardigan that will hopefully fit well.


My socks are a toe up version of My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth and I cast them on for a trip to the cinema with the children. I’m using some Eden Cottage Yarns Tempo 4ply yarn in the colours Apricot Tulip and Geum.


I’ve cut out my last version of this summer skirt in a cute navy spot fabric that my Aunt gifted me. She was out in a fabric shop and saw it and thought of me! I need to pick up some binding and a zip and it will be quick enough to make up then, having made the last one in a day.


Last project that I’m working on this week happens to be another sewing project. I really only like to work on one project at a time but I cut out some Margot pyjamas that I’ve been wanting to make for both my daughter and I for quite a while. My daughters are cut out but the light had faded the other evening when I was cutting out so I’ll cut out my pair at some point this week and I can begin those once the summer skirt is finished.

Apart from cutting out the sewing projects which took up an evening and a bit, most days I’ve worked on only one of these projects and I’ve enjoyed the slow steady rhythm that this has brought my days. My Fintry cardigan having been the main project of the week and its been very enjoyable.